Guidelines for BIBA Sanctioned Professional Boxing Events



The boxing ring used for the contests shall be no less than eighteen (18) feet (5,486m) nor more than twenty-four (24) feet (7,315m) by side within the ropes.

Three (3) steps to the ring must be in place, one each positioned at the red and blue corner for the boxer and his/her team and a third positioned at a neutral corner for the MC and Ring Card Girls to make their entrance to the ring.



To separate the ringside working area for officials and medical staff from the public areas either:

  • Ringside area requires security barriers in position a minimum of 2.5 metres from edge of ring apron
  • An area of at least 2.5 metres from the officials, medical team and media tables must be kept clear before placement of ringside seating for VIP guests.
  • No more than six rows of ringside seating may be set up within the required security barriers.
  • At least two entrances to ringside must be kept clear and have security staff in place to ensure a clean exit for the medical team in case of an incident as well as to provide the boxers a clear entrance to the ring.



For each event to be sanctioned by the British & Irish Boxing Authority a signed event Sanctioning Agreement must be completed on application and the bond/sanctioning fee paid for the permit to issued.

An original copy of the agreement for an event must be in the office at the latest fourteen (14) business days prior to the event. e.mailed copies are acceptable as an executed copy, once fee payment has been received.

No advertising shall be done before a permit is approved by the office.



Pursuant to the Professional Boxing Safety Act 1996

As the British & Irish Boxing Authority have a fully comprehensive insurance policy for boxers and officials participating at events sanctioned by BIBA, which is in excess of the minimum requirements under the Professional Boxing Safety Act 1996.



It is necessary for the Office to have the line-up for your event at least five (5) business days in advance, in order to allow sufficient time to clear contestants and to ensure they are eligible to participate in the event.

Any substitutes after the line-up has been submitted to our office will also need to be approved and cleared accordingly, before they can participate.

If time does not permit a proper clearance, we cannot allow a contestant to participate in the event.

You may verify if a boxer is on suspension by going to click on the “suspension list” to view suspended boxers for a nominal fee.

Listed below are the criteria for approval of a contestant.

Fighters must meet these criteria to be eligible to participate in boxing in a British & Irish Boxing Authority sanctioned event

  • A fighter who has lost their last ten (10) bouts by decision, technical knockout, or knockout shall not be approved to box in a bout unless special requirements have been met;
  • Any fighter who has lost their last five (5) bouts by technical knockout or knockout, not to include TKO or KO by a body shot, shall not be approved to fight in a bout; unless special medical tests have been completed.
  • Any boxer with less than three (3) professional bouts may not box in a bout scheduled for more than four (4) rounds,
  • All boxers’ records must be verified (BoxRec or FightFax)



The promoter must provide equipment needed for the event as outlined in the regulations, which includes, but is not limited to: ring, stools, towels, water, buckets, gloves, gauze and tape for hand wraps.

The office or venue will provide a certified scale if requested.

The promoter must verify that their gloves are in good physical condition or they will not be used.

The promoter should have a set of gloves for each fight.

A different set of gloves must be used for each bout.

High stools must be provided for the judges at ringside for each event.



The BIBA head office will appoint the medical officers, timekeeper, judges, and referees for each event.

The promoter is responsible for paying the compensation set by the BIBA head office for the professional services of these officials.

The BIBA head office has the final determination on the selection for all officials, as well as the selection of the physician for each event.



The base rates for officials assigned to BIBA events are listed below.

These amounts may be adjusted based upon, attendance, gate receipts, length of show, title fights and distance traveled by the official.

The office may also require the promoter to provide hotel rooms and travel expenses including mileage, when necessary for officials.

PLEASE NOTE: For Championship bouts that A Class Referees are required, the cost of the A Class Referees is higher and accounts just for the Championship bouts, for undercard bouts either the A Class or standard class referees still are paid the standard rate.

A travel allowance (45p per mile) may also be assessed in addition to the base fee unless the promoter has paid for travel (flights/train etc).

Supervisor:    £350   (UK) – €450 (ROI)

Inspector:       £200   (UK) – €260 (ROI)

Referees        £350   (UK) – €450 (ROI)

AClass Ref    £500   (UK) – €630 (ROI)

Judges           £200   (UK) – €260 (ROI)

Timekeeper   £300   (UK) – €390 (ROI)

Doctors           £350* (UK) – €450* (ROI)

*Doctors fee may vary either up or down dependent on location of event.

For events with more than five (5) professional bouts two doctors are mandatory.

PLEASE NOTE: A bout cannot begin without at least one doctor being seated at ringside.

The pay rates for officials for televised shows shall be higher.

The pay structure for the officials involved in title fights will follow the sanctioning body’s published fee schedule for the payment of officials.

If the sanctioning body does not have a published fee schedule, the office will make the final determination on the amount of compensation for officials.

The Office may also require the promoter to provide hotel rooms for officials and travel expenses, including mileage, when necessary for all title fight officials.



In the past, we have experienced late start times, long periods of delays, as well as events lasting past what is realistic.

An average event should last approximately 4 hours.

We take pride in appointing experienced and certified officials for our events to ensure the outcome of each fight is accurate.

Therefore, to prevent abuses of our office and/or officials regarding long events, the following additional fees may be assessed to the promoter’s expenses for officials:

If the event starts 30 minutes past the official starting time listed on the approved permit application, you may be required to pay each official an additional £25 (ROI €35) per hour or partial hour.

Any shows which last over four and one half hours may require the promoter to pay each official an additional £25 (ROI €35) per hour or partial hour over that amount of time.



The BIBA non- Championship Event Sanctioning fees are as follows

A refundable bond of £3,500 (ROI €4,550) must be lodged with BIBA head office fourteen (14) days prior to the event.

1-5 Bouts                   £350 (UK) – €450 (ROI)


6-10 Bouts                £450 (UK) – €580 (ROI)


10 Plus Bouts            £550 (UK) – €710 (ROI)

All non-championship sanctioning fees are to be paid in full prior to commencement of event.



There are several changes impacting this rule that will require the promoter to provide more information to the BIBA (Office) to calculate the BIBA sanctioning fees based upon the gate receipts.

For televised events or those featuring Championship bouts an additional fee to the sanction fee of 2% of gate revenue is payable.

The right of admission to a contest of professional boxing shall not be sold to a person unless that person is provided with a ticket.

An inventory of all the tickets must be submitted to the Office with the permit application.

The inventory must include all of the tickets that are printed for the event.

Each ticket must have the price, name of the promoter as licensed with the Office and the date of the event.

A promoter shall not issue complimentary tickets for more than four percent (4%) of the seats in the house without the office’s written authorization.

If the office approves the issuance of complimentary tickets over and above the four percent (4%) cap, the complimentary tickets are exempt from the BIBA Sanctioning fee.

All complimentary tickets must indicate on the ticket that it’s a complimentary ticket and its value had the ticket actually been purchased.

All fee payments must be made within 72 hours of the conclusion of the event.



The promoter must set forth the proper procedures for their employees and/or

designated staff to place each ticket stub in a lock box, in order for the tickets to be available for the BIBA inspector to count.

The promoter, or the designee, may be present when the tickets are counted to verify the 2% BIBA sanctioning fee.

The promoter should be prepared to pay the 2% BIBA sanctioning fee as soon as the tickets are counted and fees are calculated, if at all possible.

Within 72 hours after a contest the promoter shall pay the BIBA sanctioning fee to the office.



The promoter must notify the office representative if the license fees for the contestants and seconds will be deducted from the fighter’s purse.

If so, the promoter must be prepared to pay for the license fees prior to the start of the event.

The promoter will also be responsible for the licenses of the participants who have made application, but have not made payment for their license.



Credentials shall only be issued to: Contestants, promoters, officials, members of the media, Officials of British & Irish Boxing Authority, designated representatives of the office and to those actual and necessary persons working at the exhibition, arena or facility.



Each participant is to have their license with them.

If he/she cannot provide their license, they may be required to purchase one.



The promoter and office should agree upon a weigh-in time and date.

It is the promoter’s responsibility to ensure all contestants are present at the designated time and place.

The boxers who are late, or fail to show up at the designated time, may be denied the ability to participate in the event, be fined, be suspended or all three.



Pre fight physicals must be completed at least one half hour prior to the event.

Fights that involve television shall complete physicals the day before the fight at a time designated by the office.

Physicals should be completed as early as possible because some boxers may not pass the pre-fight physical, therefore, the boxer will not be allowed to participate in the event.

If the doctor determines a boxer cannot participate, the boxer will not be allowed to participate under any circumstances. This is for the health and safety of the boxer.

  1. As of January 1st 2012 before a fighter can be licensed he must provide the office with a copy of a negative HIV, HEP B, and HEP C test. No fighter will be allowed to compete without accomplishing this.



The promoter must provide two paramedics and an ambulance before an event will commence.

Boxing events will not begin, or continue, without an ambulance on site during the entire event.

Also, the BIBA assigned doctor(s) must be present at ringside during the event.



The MINIMUM medical coverage required for events sanctioned by the British & Irish Boxing Authority sanctioned events are:

Events featuring up to ten (10) bouts

Equipped Medical Room including defibrillator

Two Doctors

Two Paramedics

One Emergency Equipped Ambulance

Please note: though the above is the minimum standard, we do advise that a third doctor and a second ambulance and paramedic team to be on standby at the venue at all times.

Events featuring more than ten (10) bouts, or Championship events

Equipped Medical Room including defibrillator

Two Doctors

Four Paramedics

Two Emergency Equipped Ambulances

Please note: That the doctors are provided through the official BIBA General Medical Officer – in each case one of whom is either an Emergency Response Trauma Specialist, Neurologist or anaesthetist.



There must be seats and tables available at ringside for the following: physician(s), medical staff, timekeeper, referee(s), announcer, officials and inspectors of the office.

Bottles of water shall be provided by the promoter for all ringside officials.

If the event is televised or includes a Championship contest, there must be seating for the additional officials that are assigned to event.



Please be aware that the promoter is responsible for security.

It has been noted that in some situations, where the spectators have become unruly and extremely disrespectful to officials and inspectors, security has not always been available for these situations.

One member of the Security team must be present outside each dressing room to ensure that no member of the public have access to the boxers dressing rooms, also to ensure that not more than three team members are present to attend to the boxer’s pre fight preparations.

Please note, that providing sufficient security is the promoter’s responsibility.



Exhibition bouts are legal and can occur on a fight card, however, to qualify for an exhibition bout, both boxers must agree in writing that the bout will be a no decision.

The results of the bout will not be turned in to the official boxing registry.

However, all suspensions will be turned into the boxing registry.



All fighters who complete the scheduled number of rounds must wait seven days from the date of the fight before participating in any further contest.



All boxers who compete must have a written bout agreement between the boxer and the promoter as required by Law.

The agreement will be signed by both the boxer & promoter. The agreement will establish as a minimum the date of the event, the boxer & promoter information, the number of rounds, the opponent, the approximate weight, and the total amount to be paid the boxer.

Copies of these agreements must be given to the BIBA Event Supervisor or Chief Inspector a minimum of one (1) hour prior to the start of an event.