BIBA Event Inspectors & Supervisors



The BIBA Supervisor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of events sanctioned by the British & Irish Boxing Authority under his or her control.

The Supervisor is BIBA’s eyes and ears at an event and as such has the final say on any aspect of the event sanctioning, including the decision on whether a bout can proceed or not, such as when there is a weight differentiation between competitors.

This includes, but not limited to:

Liaising with event promoter

Event Record Keeping

Ensuring boxers have the required equipment such as mouth guard, groin guard,bandages and tape etc.

Distribution of assignments for BIBA Event Officials

Ensuring Officials fees are collected and distributed

Writing of Event Report & Results for BIBA Head Office as well for the official record keepers Fight Fax & BoxStat

BIBA Licensed Supervisors

Gianluca Di Caro
David Smith
Kenny Barr
Charlie Cardona
Shukrullah Fazili (Afghanistan)


Inspectors can only be appointed by the British & Irish Boxing Authority Head Office, or in certain situations the BIBA Event Supervisor.

The dress code for BIBA Inspectors are:

Summer: Black Shoes, Black Trousers, BIBA Polo Shirt

Winter: Black Shoes, Black Trousers, White Shirt, BIBA Tie or Bow Tie, Black Jacket.

Two Inspectors per event will be tasked to do the following duties……

1) Boxers Weigh in

2) Check Gloves

3) Check Shorts

4) Observe seconds during bouts

5) Assist the Supervisor

Weigh-in Protocol

The opponents in any one Contest must be engaged at the same weight.

Subject as specified herein, the weigh-in shall be conducted in accordance with any directions given from time to time by the British & Irish Boxing Authority.

Prior to any weigh-in all arrangements appertaining thereto shall be notified to the British & Irish Boxing Authority of which shall have power to disapprove the same.

All Boxers must weigh-in not less than 24 hours or more than 36 hours before the commencement of a tournament. Permission may be granted by the British & Irish Boxing Authority for Boxers to weigh-in on the day of a tournament provided that no Boxer reduces weight following the weigh-in – Please Note: on the day weigh-in is not permitted for Championship bouts

At the weigh-in, Boxers may wear only those items of clothing approved by the British & Irish Boxing Authority official in charge at the weigh-in.

When a contestant is overweight, he or she is allowed one (1) hour from the time of the weighing to achieve the correct weight. If still overweight after such hour, no further time is allowed.

If the weight difference between boxers competing against each other is below ten (10) pounds the Inspector may allow the bout to proceed if both boxers and their managers are in agreement – Please note: this does not apply to Heavyweight bouts.

If the weight difference between boxers competing against each other is ten (10) pounds or more the Inspector may not allow the bout to proceed – Please note: this does not apply to Heavyweight bouts.

The Boxer or his/her Manager shall if directed to do so by the official of the British & Irish Boxing Authority in charge of the weigh-in, produce to such official the duly executed Boxer and Promoter contract for the Contest.

Boxers Attire

Contestants may wear only boots and shorts approved by the Inspector and the Referee.

Male Boxers must be stripped to the waist.

Female Boxers will wear above the waist a singlet under which such protective cover as sports bra with breast protector inserts or a one piece breast protector must be worn.

All boxers must have available two pairs of Boxing trunks of different colours and wear those selected by the Inspector.

In cases of dispute regarding a clash of colour the British & Irish Boxing Authority Inspector’s decision shall be final.

All Boxers must wear underneath their trunks a suitable protector approved by the British & Irish Boxing Authority Inspector or official in charge of the Promotion.

Bandages and Gloves

Bandages are permitted for the protection of hands. These must be 2 inch wide soft bandage and 1 inch zinc oxide plaster. The tape must not be applied over the knuckles.

Boxing gloves shall be 8 ounces in weight for Contests from Flyweight to Welterweight and 10 ounces for Contests from Super Welterweight upwards.

Breaking by twisting, removal of padding by fingering and thumbing from the potential part of the glove is prohibited.

In all female contests gloves shall be 10 ounces in weight. All gloves used under the British & Irish Boxing Authority jurisdiction must be thumb attached.

Gloves will only be used in one Contest at a Promotion.

Contestants must wear the same make of glove, the only exception being in Championship contests where sponsored boxers may nominate contracted sponsor’s make of glove that meets said approved requirements.

It shall be for the Promoter to ensure an adequate supply of approved gloves is available for every Contest.

Foreign Boxers

When a Referee is appointed to officiate in a contest in which one of the participants is an overseas Boxer, the referee must interview the Boxer before the Contest in the dressing room.

This interview must be in the presence of the Boxer’s Agent, or an interpreter, and the Inspector and the Referee must explain to the Boxer the Rules of Boxing applicable in the Territory.

The Referee

If for any reason a Referee is unable to continue to act during a Contest the following action shall be taken:-

  • If a round is in progress the Timekeeper shall ring the bell and stop the contest.
  • The British & Irish Boxing Authority representative in charge, or the Inspector, shall hand the score card for the Contest to another appointed Referee who shall continue to supervise the Contest from the last completed round.
  • At the conclusion of the Contest, should it go the full distance, the Referees decision shall be in accordance with the score sheet.
  • If no other Referee is available the British & Irish Boxing Authority Event Supervisor may appoint the Inspector to act as Referee.

Observing the Seconds

During the one minute break between rounds, the duty of the Inspector is to observe that no illegal substances are used, or any illegal actions are carried out.

As well as ensure the second, team member or any other person does cross over or through the ropes or other actions that could endanger or hinder any boxer.

BIBA Licensed Inspectors

Kenny Barr
Terry Clarke
Georgia Collisson
Charlie Cordona
Gianluca Di Caro
Liam Hayes
Sammy Hill
Marcus Howitt
Fred Little
Marianne Marston
Dougie McAdam
Gareth Morris
Dave Porter
Stevie Quinn
David Smith


British & Irish Boxing Authority – March 2016


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