Belfast 29th April 2016

Date: Friday, 29th April 2016.

Promoter: Peter Turley (3 Promotions)

Venue: Devenish Complex, Belfast, United Kingdom

BIBA Inspectors:

Gianluca Di Caro

Jennifer Burton

WBF Championship Supervisor

Kenny Barr

WBF Championship Inspectors

Gianluca Di Caro

Jennifer Burton


Lee Murtagh

WBF Championship Judges

Matt Scriven

Paddy Graham

Seamus Deeds

Time Keeper:

David Smith


Dr Aisling Diamond

Ambulance/Paramedics: Glengormley Ambulance & Rescue



BOUT 1 – 4 x 3 Minute Cruiserweight Contest

John Waldron 5-14-0


Jody Meikle 12-56-3


John Waldron              90kg

Jody Meikle                88kg

Referee: Lee Murtagh

Winner. John Waldron

Result: Points decision 39-37

Suspension: N/A

Notes: Record post fight update: John Waldron 6-14-0 & Jody Meikle 12-57-3


BOUT 2 – 6 x 2 Minute Middleweight Contest

Peter Turley Snr Memorial Belt

Willie Mitchell 1-1-0


Phil Townley 1-12-0


Willie Mitchell            70.76kg

Phil Townley              70.58kg

Referee: Lee Murtagh

Winner. Willie Mitchell

Result: Points decision 58-57

Suspension: N/A

Notes: Mitchell down in first round

Record post fight update: Willie Mitchell 2-1-0 & Phil Townley 1-13-0


BOUT 3 – 4 x 3 Middleweight Contest

Johnny Lawson 1-0-0


Andrew Pirie debut


Johnny Lawson          72kg

Andrew Pirie               72kg

Referee: Lee Murtagh

Winner. Draw

Result: Draw

Suspension: N/A

Note: Record post fight update: Johnny Lawson 1-0-1 & Andrew Pirie 0-0-1


BOUT 4 – 4 x 3 Minute Super Welterweight contest

Stephen Haughian      21-3-1


Matt Scriven               14-91-1


Stephen Haughian       70.76kg

Matt Scriven               70.31kg

Referee: Lee Murtagh

Winner: Stephen Haughian

Result: Points Decision 40-36

Suspension: Matt Scriven – 60 days

Notes: Matt Scriven cut above eye in final round

Record post fight update: Stephen Haughian 22-3-1 & Matt Scriven 14-92-1


BOUT 5 – 12 x 3 Minute Cruiserweight Contest

World Boxing Foundation Super Lightweight International Championship

Michael Kelly             9-7-1


Mohamed Larabi         4-7-1


Michael Kelly             63kg

Mohamed Larabi         63.5kg

Referee: Lee Murtagh

Winner. Mohamed Larabi


Matt Scriven        27-30

Paddy Graham    27-30

Seamus Deeds     28-29

Result: Mohamed Larabi – Michael Kelly retired after the third round

Suspension: Michael Kelly – 60 Days (Besides Doctor’s fit to box letter a further medical report required stating injury healed from speicalist before next bout can be authorised)

Notes: Michael Kelly retired on the stool between rounds three and four due to a leg injury (Torn Ligament)

Record Post Fight Update: Michael Kelly 9-8-1 & Mohamed Larabi 5-7-1 and the new World Boxing Foundation Super Lightweight International Champion.

Supporting the five bouts above was a single exhibition bout between C. Dobbin and Jake Gilpin.