Paisley 23rd April 2016

Date: Saturday, 23rd April 2016.

Promoter: Thomas Melville (Colloseum Promotions)

Venue: Lagoon Leisure Centre, Paisley, Scotland, UK.


BIBA Inspectors:

Gianluca Di Caro

Jennifer Burton

WBF Championship Supervisor

Kenny Barr

WBF Championship Inspectors

Gianluca Di Caro

Jennifer Burton


Chris Kelly

WBF Championship Judges

Lee Murtagh

Bobby Creed

Gianluca Di Caro (Mr. Di Caro stood in at short notice due to illness of the appointed judge and doubled as both inspector and judge for the World Championship bouts)

Time Keeper:

David Smith


Dr Ronald Sydney

Dr Andy Nath

Ambulance/Paramedics: ABC Falkirk



BOUT 1 – 4 x 3 Minute Super Welterweight Contest

Dougie Vincent


Marty Kayes


Dougie Vincent           69.85kg

Marty Kayes                68kg

Referee: Chris Kelly

Winner. Marty Kayes

Result: Points decision 40-36

Suspension: N/A


BOUT 2 – 8 x 3 Minute Welterweight Contest

World Boxing Foundation United Kingdom Championship

Sammy Hill


Chris Wood


Sammy Hill     66kg

Chris Wood     66kg

Referee: Chris Kelly

Winner. Sammy Hill

Result: Points decision 78-77

Suspension: N/A


BOUT 3 – 12 x 3 Minute Super Welterweight Contest

World Boxing Foundation Super Welterweight World Championship

Craig Docherty


Chas Symonds


Craig Docherty           69.4kg

Chas Symonds            69.4kg

Referee: Chris Kelly

Winner. Draw


Lee Murtagh               118-111 in favour of Craig Docherty

Bobby Creed               115-116 in favour of Chas Symonds

Gianluca Di Caro        115-115

Result: Draw

Suspension: N/A

Note: As both camps have publicly claimed that they should have been declared victorious by an identical margin of four rounds, it has been decided that a panel chaired by World renowned A Class Referee/Judge Mr. Richie Davies will review the video footage and prepare a report – In addition discussions have already been undertaken with both Mr. Docherty and Mr. Symonds with view to a rematch, with BIBA Head of Referees/Judges Richie Davies appointed as the referee and overseas judges, in the near future to ultimately decide on a victor.

It should be noted that this is not due to any allegations of biased refereeing or judging by officials on the night, as Mr. Murtagh who scored in favour of Mr. Docherty is Irish, Mr. Creed who scored in favour of Chas Symonds is Scottish, but to ensure that neither party could possibly have any cause to claim partisan judging at the rematch.


BOUT 4 – 12 x 3 Minute Cruiserweight Contest

World Boxing Foundation Cruiserweight World Championship

Sandy Robb


Tony Moran


Sandy Robb    88.91kg

Tony Moran   88.91kg

Referee: Chris Kelly

Winner. Tony Moran


Lee Murtagh               111-118

Bobby Creed               112-118

Gianluca Di Caro        115-115

Result: Mr. Tony Moran victorious by Majority Points Decision

Suspension: N/A

Supporting the four bouts above was a special exhibition bout in aid of charity