Referee, Judge, Timekeeper Application Form

All Referees, Judges and Timekeepers officiating at British & Irish Boxing Authority sanctioned event are required to be licensed by either the British & Irish Boxing Authority or another officially recognised professional boxing sanctioning organisation.

Whilst BIBA currently only have respected and highly qualified Referees and Judges licensed, there are regular Referee and Judges courses, undertaken by either World recognised and highly respected Championship referees and Judges to ensure that the BIBA will continue to have World class referees and judges available in the future.

The Chief BIBA Timekeeper also undertakes training of potential BIBA Timekeepers, this is in the form of a training course as well as the shadowing of BIBA Timekeepers at events.

Only the British & Irish Boxing Authority Head Office appoints Referees, Judges and Timekeepers for events sanctioned by themselves and each are paid a set fee, which is determined by the size and nature of the particular event and by the nature of any particular main event or Championship contest to which they have been appointed.

Please note: BIBA offer regular Referee, Judges and Timekeeper Courses – please contact Head office for details


Referee, Judge or Timekeeper License Application Form

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