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Founded 1n 1984 as Ralph Citro, Inc. who also created the boxing bible  “Computer Boxing Update” that later evolved into being known as “The Boxing Record Book.”, and became the first company to directly provide accurate record keeping for Boxing Commissions.

In 1993, an employee of CBU, Phill Marder, purchased the data base & rights to publish the record book. However, Citro retained the rights to “Computer Boxing Update” as a separate entity dealing with verifying the records of “old-timers” and around the same time Fight Fax, as we know it was created.

Fight Fax soon became the Worldwide leader in Record Keeping, due to the accuracy of record keeping and unquestionable reputation, which ultimately led to receiving Official Record Keeper status from the Association Of Boxing Commissions (ABC).

In 2001 Fight Fax was purchased by long time record keeper and company employee Anibal Miramontes

In 2005 a rival organization, Boxrec, make an attempt to became the official record keeper but a panel of the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC), State Commissions and Attornies discover that Boxrec’s accuracy was substantially lower than the 100% accuracy that Fight Fax provide.

During the years Fight Fax’s records has been used in court, by commissioners, promoters, agents, fighters and even the FBI.

In 2017, with the new on-line record library ready to be launched Fight Fax changed their name to PRO BOXING RECORDS.


One the main benefits of using Pro Boxing Records are, that you can be confident that the Boxer’s record that you receive is 100% accurate, as we only update a Boxer’s fight record according to the official reports submitted by the officiating Commission.

Our records don’t have a RED mark, to alert the reader that the Boxer’s record for that bout relate to an unverified bout. If we are unable to verify a bout, we just will not register it, as Pro Boxing Records’ obligation is to protect the fighter.

PRO BOXING RECORDS are record keepers not record collectors.

World significant bouts rely on the accuracy of Pro Boxing Records Record Keeping.

More so, now than ever before, it is essential that Professional Boxer’s records are accurately recorded, from Commission submitted reports only. Over the past few years there has been an substantial increase in the number faked records being listed and distributed openly on the internet.

This situation has not only lead to dangerously mismatched bouts, but also deny hard working Boxers, that have fought to develop their record legitimately, the opportunity to compete in fair properly matched contests and in some cases failed to receive the Championship opportunities they deserve. With Pro Boxing Records you can be confident, that when matching a bout or a Boxer’s Championship eligibility, that the Boxers records supplied are one hundred percent accurate.

Pro Boxing Records only accept results provided by Commissions.


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