Canadian Professional Boxing Council



The Canadian Professional Boxing Council (C.P.B.C.) is the longest reigning sanctioning body for professional boxing in Canada. Now sanctioning abroad. Our goal is to aid and help develop professional boxing and crown new deserving champions while striving to always remain promoter-friendly, which is very important to us. The C.P.B.C. will function within its rules and regulations in a professional manner.


  1. To crown new champions.
  2. To work with all deserving promoters.
  3. To work with all commissions within our rules.
  4. To work with all officials within our rules.

The C.P.B.C. has the right to refuse any of the above said (to the discretion of the C.P.B.C.).


The C.P.B.C. will prosper in doing business with those we trust and respect and avoid all others at our discretion.

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