3x is quickly establishing itself in the UK and Irish markets as a premier provider of high quality boxing and martial arts equipment. We supply gloves, boots, punch bags, head guards, pads, shorts, tracksuits and much, much more at competitive prices.
Our equipment is used in professional boxing matches and, like all of our items, the gloves are built to endure the rigors of high-level combat. People of all levels and abilities rely on our equipment – whether you are a professional prizefighter, amateur, novice, keep-fit enthusiast or white collar boxer, we’ve got you covered.

3x was formed in 2011, being re-branded from Musashi Sports that was started in 2005. 3x is named as such because the equipment is three times stronger than other brands in the market.

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3xsports Ltd
Unit 2 French Avenue,
England LU6 1BH

Phone No. Tel: 020 7112 8633 / 07507 822332
Email: info@3xsports.co.uk
Website: www.3xsports.co.uk
Twitter: @3xsportspro