Championship Committee


The role of the Championship Committee is two fold, firstly the Ranking of boxers for BIBA Championships operated by the Professional Boxing Association (PBA) and secondly to revue any applications for boxers to compete for a Championship, whether Regional or World Championship organisations whose Championships are competed for on BIBA sanctioned events, to ensure that the matching is suitable for the proposed Championship accolade.

It is BIBA’s clear intent that the Championship Committee is to remain as independent as possible and as such other than the BIBA representatives, the committee comprises of independent Championship specialists.

Chairman of the Championship Committee is Mr Gianluca Di Caro, BIBA Board Representative.

Members of the BIBA Championship Committee

Mr Sebastien Pitois, Supervisor and Commissioner Universal Boxing Organization, Baltic and Mediterranean Region (UBO – )

Mr Ryan Wissow, President of the Women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA www,

Mr Mick Croucher, President of the World Boxing Foundation (WBF – )