BIBA Statute

Statute of the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA)

  1. Name and Jurisdiction


  • The Organization shall be called “The British & Irish Boxing Authority” hereinafter referred to as the BIBA and shall be the supreme and exclusive authority on matters relating to professional boxing activities that which fall under the jurisdiction of the BIBA.


  • The jurisdiction of the BIBA includes all matters related to international sanctioning of boxing events and matters relating to the licensing of professional boxers, boxing event promoters, boxer managers, boxer coaches, ring and event officials in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, as well as internationally in other Countries when requested to do so.


  • The BIBA is autonomous and shall resist all pressures of any kind whatsoever, whether political, religious, racial or economic.


  1. Objectives


2.1       The objectives of the BIBA shall be to encourage and promote interests in professional boxing through out the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and other countries, by developing a culture of professional boxing as a popular sport and sport in general.


2.2       To foster relations with the British and Irish sporting authorities, local and international boxing promoters in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in a manner which, ensures that the impeccable reputation of the BIBA is maintained and preserved at all times.


2.3       To ensure, that local preparations by prospective participants as promoters, officials or boxing athletes, are of a standard that would ensure participation with honor in all events or activities sanctioned by the “British & Irish Boxing Authority”.


2.4     The BIBA shall for all intents and purposes be ‘Non Profit Making’. The objective of BIBA is not to participate in business ventures but to regulate professional boxing under the BIBA banner in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and other countries.


  • To at all times positively support, encourage and promote both male and female professional boxers and the sport of professional boxing.


  • To ensure the highest standards of safety for all boxers, through regular, rigorous and mandatory, medical examinations annually as well as medical examinations prior to each professional boxing contest that takes place under the BIBA


  • To ensure that the integrity of the sport of professional boxing with specific regard to anti-doping, to ensure that all competitors are clean and drug free at all times.


  1. Affiliations


  • The BIBA was founded with the express intention of being affiliated to the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC), the Association of Combat Sports Commissions (ACSC), Sport England, Sport Ireland, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and The Irish Sports Council Anti-Doping as well as all recognized professional boxing organizations and championships. BIBA may also affiliate to any other international sports organizations as may be allowed by the BIBA statutes, rules and regulations.


  1. Constitution


  • The BIBA shall consist of the President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer and BIBA Committee Members.


5. Eligibility for Membership/Affiliation


  • All BIBA licensed professional boxing athletes must also be eligible to box under the BIBA banner as well as those of recognized professional boxing organizations Worldwide.


  • Individuals associated with officially recognized and registered professional boxing organizations, are also eligible for membership with the BIBA and/or compete/officiate on events supervised by


  • All applications for membership, promoter’s license, manager’s license, coach’s license, boxer’s license or official’s license with BIBA are to be examined by the Committee in order to verify whether such applications are in conformity with the rules and requirements set out in the statutes and by laws of the BIBA. The Committee will be entrusted to take a final decision.


  • If it results to the satisfaction of the BIBA Committee that any affiliated member is in default in respect of any of the criteria for affiliation as established in this article, the Committee will then suspend or expel any such member. The Committee may also suspend for a definite time or expel such member for any reason which it deems fit.


  • A motion of removal of an affiliated member or any individual member must appear on the Agenda of the meeting and shall require the approval of at least two-thirds of the members present at the meeting for its adoption.


  • Any individual may be suspended or otherwise dealt with. Within seven days of suspension, shall be notified in writing by the General Secretary, the date and period of suspension.


  • A term of suspension commences from the time it is pronounced by BIBA unless otherwise stipulated and does not expire until the close of the day named in the decision.


  • Recognized members may benefit from any activity or project of the BIBA.


5.A. Medical Suspension


  • The BIBA reserves the right to withhold, withdraw or refuse re-issue of a boxing

license to any boxing athlete male or female, boxing competitively under it’s jurisdiction, if the active member fails the medical criteria as established in the bylaws of the BIBA.


5.B. Medical Insurance / Suspension


  • The BIBA will refuse or suspend any boxer under it’s jurisdiction who for any reason is

unable to obtain insurance between the ropes. Further more no boxer of any nationality may participate in any events sanctioned by the BIBA unless the event promoter has presented the BIBA with clear documentation showing that the boxer in question is licensed by a recognized international, professional boxing federation or body and is in possession of a valid medicals and insurance.


5.C. Promoters, Officials and Corner-men Suspension


  • The BIBA reserves the right to suspend or even withdraw the operating license of any

Promoter, Official or Corner-men, under its jurisdiction, if it they are deemed to have brought disrepute to the sport of professional boxing and/or the BIBA.


  • The BIBA reserves the right to refuse sanctioning to any promoter or suspend an event sanctioned by the BIBA in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or other countries by withdrawal of sanctioning if the event is not of an acceptable standard or the venue is not suitable for boxing events or if the show in question is not being organized according to the rules and standards of the BIBA.


  1. Fiscal Legality


6.1   Any promoter, local or foreign seeking to host an event under the sanctioning of the BIBA in the

the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or other countries must adhere to the financial laws of  the United Kingdom and/or Republic of Ireland, including having VAT and Tax registration.


  1. Financial Guarantees


  • Any promoter operating under the jurisdiction of the BIBA must guarantee the purse money of boxers participating in the show. Whether by the depositing of a bond or the amount in question will be deposited in an escrow account under the control of the BIBA.


  • The BIBA also reserves the right to demand financial guarantees pertaining to local and international sanctioning fees as may be applicable and the payment of ring official and title bout supervisors.


  1. A / Purse Money


8.1   The BIBA reserves the right to withhold in part or in full the purse money of any boxer if there is evidence that

(A)    one or both participants failed to make a competitive effort in the ring

(B)    evidence or strong indications that either had thrown the fight away

(C)    evidence of inappropriate financial exchanges between the boxers or their crews

(D)    evidence that the boxer had placed bets either on himself or his / her opponent

(E)    The failure of a dope test.


8.2   The BIBA reserves the right to order any boxer who is overweight at the weigh-in to transfer part of his / her purse money to the other boxer as a penalty for the excessive weight.


8.3    In the case of a boxer being disqualified the BIBA can order the withholding of the prize money in part or in full according to the severity of the offense.


8.4   In all cases and without fail the BIBA will inform the local authorities of any evidence of  cheating or other illegal behavior.


  1. B / Mandatory Regional, National & International Championship Bouts and Purse Bids


The BIBA will order mandatory defence of a regional or national championship should the holder have not voluntarily defended the title in a six month period. All mandatory championship contests are subject to a purse bid process.


Voluntary agreement between both Boxers or their Managers and any Promoter will be accepted by the BIBA strictly provided that signed standard BIBA Boxer/Promoter Agreement Forms are lodged with the BIBA prior to the opening of purse offers.


Purse offers must be delivered by hand, carrier or post prior to the 12.00.midday deadline and must be in sealed envelopes clearly marked on the outside “BID and (Initials of Boxers)”


The BIBA can only authorise purse offers where a separate cash Bond is lodged with the BIBA to the value of £5,000 or Euro equivalent. This amount will be returned if requested upon conclusion of all matters relating to the contest in the case of a successful Promoter or after the purse bids have been opened in the case of an unsuccessful Promoter.


The purse offer must be in Pounds Sterling or Euro and shall be inclusive of all ancillary rights including television or broadcasting. The rate of exchange will be that applicable on the day of the contest. The purse offer shall be free of all taxes, licence fees etc. whether national or municipal.


The purse will be divided on the basis 60%-40% to Champion-Challenger. In the event of a vacant Championship the purse will be divided 50%-50% for each boxer.

The Promoter shall provide travel for three (3) persons in the case of each boxer plus hotel accommodation, food, etc. and where necessary the provision of gym facilities.


For BIBA International, National and Regional Championships the BIBA shall appoint a non-scoring Referee, three (3) Judges and a Supervisor who will be paid the agreed the BIBA rate for the contest.


The winning Promoter shall have 14 days from the date of the successful bid to submit to the BIBA a date and venue for the contest, which must take place within 60 days of the date of the purse offer.


The Promoter and both Boxers and/or their Managers shall enter into a standard form of Boxer/Promoter Agreement as specified by the BIBA.


  1. Governing Body


9.1    The Main Committee shall be the highest organ of the BIBA and will be the policy-making body.


9.2    The President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General and Treasurer of the BIBA, as well as the remaining Committee Members shall constitute the Main Committee and shall have voting powers. The President shall also have a casting vote.


9.3    The President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General and Treasurer, hereinafter called the officers of the BIBA have the legal representation of the BIBA. They shall assume office immediately after the meeting at which they are elected and remain in office until the end of the meeting at which they retire.


9.4    The Main Committee shall have the power to co-opt not more than four members from outside the committee for a period of not more than one year. However, the said Committee may appoint any number of individuals to assist on any specific project, which does not have a direct bearing on the administration of the BIBA.


  • All members of the Main Committee of the BIBA shall relinquish any post in any other boxing association / group that can bear a possible conflict of interest with the execution of his duties with the BIBA.


  1. Constitution of the Main Committee


10.1  The Main Committee shall have the power to administer the affairs of the BIBA and shall consist of the following:


– The President of the BIBA

– The Vice President BIBA

– The Chairman of the BIBA

– The Vice Chairman of the BIBA

– The Secretary General of the BIBA

– The Treasurer of the BIBA

– The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the BIBA

– The Committee Members of the BIBA

– The Co-opted Members – but without the right to vote


11 The Main Committee


11.1  The Main Committee will be responsible to put into effect the policy, which it decides upon and to run the affairs of the BIBA in conformity with that policy.


11.2  The Committee, which is summoned by the Chairman and in case of absence of the Chairman, by the Vice President or Vice Chairman or in exceptional cases the Secretary General. Four members shall form a quorum.


  • All members must make themselves available for all activities organized by the BIBA. The specific duties of each executive board member are as follows:


  • The Chairman, or in his/her absence, the Vice President or Vice Chairman, will chair committee meetings, along with the Secretary General and he/she will represent the BIBA. He/she will be ultimately responsible for all matters including of the BIBA inventory and taking charge of all the commissions of the BIBA.


  • The Secretary General will be responsible of the running of the secretariat and the day to day running of the BIBA. He/she will also be responsible with relations for recognized members. He/she will be responsible for writing the minutes for every meeting and will keep such records.


  • The PRO will be responsible for planning and organization of media events, relations with the media. He/she will also be responsible with the relations of sponsors. He/she will also be responsible to project the correct image of the BIBA and to inform the public of all activities of the BIBA. He/she will be responsible for maintaining contacts with foreign Promoters /boxing organizations and establishing new relations with other boxing organizations in and outside the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. He/she will also be responsible of assisting and visiting any external queries. He/she shall be responsible for the organization of all events carried out in order to enhance relations and establish contacts and new relations within the boxing sector as well as with the media and third parties.


  • The Treasurer will be responsible for finance and will also present a yearly budget for approval for the committee. The treasurer will present the final accounts of the proceeding year during the first meeting of each year.


  • Due to international considerations – while the seat of the BIBA will always be in United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and non resident British and Irish and Non United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland members have to be present physically for the BIBA AGM, which must be held in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland. However subsequent committee meetings following the AGM may be held by video link and decisions taken legally binding.


  • No meeting of the committee shall take place unless all members have been certified as notified by the General Secretary of the BIBA.


  • Due to international considerations – It is agreed, that in cases where committee members are unable to attend physically, but do so by video link, that it is permitted for the Minutes of a meeting may be signed by proxy.


  1. Constitution of the Main Committee


  • Vacancies of Committee Members must be filled by not later than one month from the date the Board meets and acknowledges a resignation or other reason that creates a vacancy. The post can automatically be assumed by the second candidate to have obtained the majority of votes for the post during the last Annual General Meeting (AGM). In case the second candidate is not available or is not willing to take up the post, the same procedure shall apply to the next candidate in line, and so on. In case none of the candidates for the post during the last AGM are available or willing to take up the post, an election for the vacant post shall be held.


  • The BIBA is essentially a United Kingdom organization, incorporating international elements thus the following positions may only be occupied by Nationals or full time residents of the United Kingdom, (A) The Position of Secretary General and (B) The Position of Treasurer.


  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM)


  • The last board meeting shall be held between the 1st of June and 30th of June of each year and shall include the following:
  • Address by the President
  • Review of activities
  • Approval of audited accounts
  • Committee Member elections, namely, election of the President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Committee Members for all committees, will be held triennially.


  • These members shall hold office for three years, and are deemed to be on the relevant Committee immediately they are elected to the said posts.


  1. Extraordinary Committee Meetings


14.1  Extraordinary Committee Meetings shall be called any time they are requested by the Chairman, or by at least four (4) Committee members. The objectives of calling such a meeting must be clearly stated. No item other than that/those specified on the Agenda shall be decided. “Any other matter” is not to be considered as a specific item.


  1. Resolutions


  • A resolution shall not be rescinded unless the counter resolution has the support of two-thirds of the members present.


  1. Privileged Matters


  • All matters discussed at BIBA meetings shall be deemed as privileged.


  1. Adjournment


  • Any business or motion not dealt with by the closing of a meeting shall be adjourned and given priority at the next meeting.


  1. Financial Year


17.1  The financial year of the BIBA will begin from the 4th April.


  1. Subscription (License) Fees


It is a requirement that all boxers and interested parties, such as promoters, managers, agents, trainers, seconds, master of ceremonies, referee, ring master/whip etc; are required to be licensed by the BIBA prior to commencement of or participation in any professional boxing event within the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland or other countries.


The BIBA committee will set the value of such fees on a yearly basis and any proposed changes will be presented to members at the Annual General Meeting.


Once any fee changes are agreed the fees will be published in the BIBA Boxing Code (Rules & Regulations) and rulebook.


  1. Intellectual Properties


  • The intellectual properties of the BIBA, includes all copyright, patents, registered and unregistered trades marks, registered designs, trade secrets and know-how and all other intellectual property.


  • Namely, the following and their derivatives are the exclusive property of the BIBA:
  • The BIBA emblem
  • The BIBA mascot
  • The emblem of BIBA events


  • Only BIBA may authorize the use of its properties or delegate their usage to an affiliated organization or a third party. In each case, the use of its properties must be done in accordance with the spirit and regulation of the BIBA.


  • The BIBA emblem is copyrighted. This means that it cannot be modified in any way and the use, whether for advertising or commercial purposes must be authorized by the BIBA


  • The BIBA emblem must appear on all official publications and promotional material and in all the facilities and surroundings.


  • No activity can be held in the name of BIBA without prior written consent from the BIBA


  1. Dissolution


  • In the event of the BIBA being dissolved or disbanded, the assets shall be donated to Sport England and Sport Ireland.


  1. Interpretation of the Rules


  • The BIBA is the sole interpreter of these rules. The interpretation of these rules is regulated in the bylaws of the BIBA.

24th March 2016

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