Rebellious Boxing

rebelliouslogoREBELLIOUS BOXING WORLDWIDE aspires to encourage and promote good health in mind and body in teens who have been caught up in alcohol and drug addiction as well as empower teens who have been abused and neglected within their environment.

Boxing is a form of letting out and letting go of struggles.

Through mentoring, boxing, and teaching tools to create emotional well-being and success, and one on one coaching, teens who participate in Rebellious Boxing will be guided to get their lives back on track and figure out what they dream and hope to be.

Teens who have the drive, potential and dream to be boxers, will be supported in furthering their skills to enter into competition.

Other teens will just find the boxing program to be a way of out putting their burdens through physical activity and mentoring sessions. 

Students will be also offered vocational training and internship opportunities in several start-up companies that will help create self-funding for the programs.

A Reality Show is in development regarding the activities of Rebellious Worldwide.